Beat Black Friday – practice Mindful Madness

Beat Black Friday – practice Mindful Madness

Practice MINDFUL MADNESS this Black Friday with deals at Kyuu Skin Care. Every year when Black Friday comes around it seems as though consumers ‘lose their minds’ with all the special offers available.

Three tips to beat Black Friday and practice Mindful Madness:

1. Buy what you need and not what you want.
We have all seen the headlines in the past week reporting on the concerns of increased debt predictions for this year’s Black Friday. However, what is not madness is investing in all natural, quality skin care products. Especially for those of us who live in Gauteng. The African sun is harsh, more so, up here than it is down at the coast. Investing in quality, all natural skin care means not exposing your skin to any harsh chemicals and at the same time revitalising your skin.

2. Buy online and avoid the madness!
Buying your much needed skin care products online and conveniently delivered to the address of your choice means you’ll beat Black Friday by avoiding the madness that you’ll find in shopping malls. This also means, less stress. Stress is a big no-no for your well-being, health, fine lines and impurities that manifest on your skin due to stress.

3. Indulge and relax.
While everyone else is running around mindlessly like mad chickens with no heads, you could be relaxing, with your feet up enjoying one of our Kyuu Masks followed by a scientifically formulated Kyuu Beauty Sleep.