Gem infused essences


The heart of your skin care routine.

KYUU Skin CareTM Essences

KYUU Skin CareTM Essences are like no other products. Somewhere between a toner and a lightweight serum. These liquid wonders which are compatible with nearly every skin type are multi-functioning essences that act as an anti-inflammatory, instant hydrator, toner and light moisturiser.

Essences are the heart of your skin care routine. They aid in cell turnover, leading to smoother texture over time and provide the skin with nourishing vitamins. These wonder potions may have the consistency of water but some are more concentrated and high-impact than many serums and creams. Think of the difference between plain H20 and vodka – they look the same but deliver radically different effects.

When suspended in liquid, many anti-aging ingredients can penetrate more deeply into the skin than when in heavier formulations, and since these watery wonders are so rapidly absorbed, a skin care obsessive can pile on as many essences as her heart desires for maximum anti-aging oomph.

All KYUU Skin CareTM Essences are infused with Gem essences – Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Rose Quartz – to name but a few.



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